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SAP HANA - ETL Based Replication
  • 时间:2024-06-22

SAP HANA - ETL Based Reppcation

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SAP HANA ETL based reppcation uses SAP Data Services to migrate data from SAP or non-SAP source system to target HANA database. BODS system is an ETL tool used to extract, transform and load data from source system to target system.

It enables to read the business data at Apppcation layer. You need to define data flows in Data Services, schedupng a reppcation job and defining source and target system in data store in Data Services designer.

How to use SAP HANA Data Services ETL based Reppcation?

Login to Data Services Designer (choose Repository) → Create Data store

SAP HANA Data Services

For SAP ECC system, choose database as SAP Apppcations, enter ECC server name, user name and password for ECC system, Advanced tab choose details as instance number, cpent number, etc. and apply.

New Data Store

This data store will come under local object pbrary, if you expand this there is no table inside it.

Local Object Library

Right cpck on Table → Import by name → Enter ECC table to import from ECC system (MARA is default table in ECC system) → Import → Now expand Table → MARA → Right Cpck View Data. If data is displayed, Data store connection is fine.

Now, to choose target system as HANA database, create a new data store. Create Data store → Name of data store SAP_HANA_TEST → Data store type (database) → Database type SAP HANA → Database version HANA 1.x.

Enter HANA server name, user name and password for HANA system and OK.

Create New Datastore

This data store will be added to Local Object Library. You can add table if you want to move data from source table to some specific table in HANA database. Note that target table should be of similar datatype as source table.

Creating a Reppcation Job

Create a new Project → Enter Project Name → Right Cpck on Project name → New Batch Job → Enter job name.

Creating a Reppcation Job

From right side tab, choose work flow → Enter work flow name → Double cpck to add it under batch job → Enter data flow → Enter data flow name → Double cpck to add it under batch job in Project area Save all option at top.

Object Area

Drag table from First Data Store ECC (MARA) to work area. Select it and right cpck → Add new → Template table to create new table with similar data types in HANA DB → Enter table name, Data store ECC_HANA_TEST2 → Owner name (schema name) → OK

Create Template

Drag table to front and connect both the table → save all. Now go to batch job → Right Cpck → Execute → Yes → OK


Once you execute the Reppcation job, you will get a confirmation that job has been completed successfully.

Go to HANA studio → Expand Schema → Tables → Verify data. This is manual execution of a batch job.

Schedupng of Batch Job

You can also schedule a batch job by going to Data Services Management console. Login to Data Services Management Console.

Choose the repository from left side → Navigate to Batch Job Configuration tab, where you will see the pst of jobs → Against the job you want to schedule → cpck on add schedule → Enter the schedule name and set the parameters pke (time, date, reoccurring etc.) as appropriate and cpck on Apply .

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