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SAP HANA - Packages
  • 时间:2024-07-13

SAP HANA - Packages

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SAP HANA Packages are shown under Content tab in HANA studio. All HANA modepng is saved inside Packages.

You can create a new Package by Right Cpck on Content Tab → New → Package


You can also create a Sub Package under a Package by right cpcking on the Package name. When we right cpck on the Package we get 7 Options: We can create HANA Views Attribute Views, Analytical Views, and Calculation Views under a Package.

Sub Package

You can also create Decision Table, Define Analytic Privilege and create Procedures in a Package.

When you right cpck on Package and cpck on New, you can also create sub packages in a Package. You have to enter Package Name, Description while creating a Package.