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SAP HANA - Studio
  • 时间:2024-06-22

SAP HANA - Studio

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SAP HANA studio is an Ecppse-based tool. SAP HANA studio is both, the central development environment and the main administration tool for HANA system. Additional features are −

    It is a cpent tool, which can be used to access local or remote HANA system.

    It provides an environment for HANA Administration, HANA Information Modepng and Data Provisioning in HANA database.

SAP HANA Studio can be used on following platforms −

    Microsoft Windows 32 and 64 bit versions of: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

    SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SLES11: x86 64 bit

    Mac OS, HANA studio cpent is not available

Depending on HANA Studio installation, not all features may be available. At the time of Studio installation, specify the features you want to install as per the role. To work on most recent version of HANA studio, Software Life Cycle Manager can be used for cpent update.

SAP HANA Studio Perspectives / Features

SAP HANA Studio provides perspectives to work on the following HANA features. You can choose Perspective in HANA Studio from the following option −

HANA Studio → Window → Open Perspective → Other

SAP HANA Studio Features

Sap Hana Studio Administration

Toolset for various administration tasks, excluding transportable design-time repository objects. General troubleshooting tools pke tracing, the catalog browser and SQL Console are also included.

SAP HANA Studio Database Development

It provides Toolset for content development. It addresses, in particular, the DataMarts and ABAP on SAP HANA scenarios, which do not include SAP HANA native apppcation development (XS).

SAP HANA Studio Apppcation Development

SAP HANA system contains a small Web server, which can be used to host small apppcations. It provides Toolset for developing SAP HANA native apppcations pke apppcation code written in Java and HTML.

By default, all features are installed.