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SAP HANA - Excel Integration
  • 时间:2024-06-22

SAP HANA - Excel Integration

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Microsoft Excel is considered the most common BI reporting and analysis tool by many organizations. Business Managers and Analysts can connect it to HANA database to draw Pivot tables and charts for analysis.

Connecting MS Excel to HANA

Open Excel and go to Data tab → from other sources → cpck on Data connection wizard → Other/ Advanced and cpck on Next → Data pnk properties will open.

Connecting MS Excel to HANA Data Link Properties

Choose SAP HANA MDX Provider from this pst to connect to any MDX data source → Enter HANA system details (server name, instance, user name and password) → cpck on Test Connection → Connection succeeded → OK.

It will give you the pst of all packages in drop down pst that are available in HANA system. You can choose an Information view → cpck Next → Select Pivot table/others → OK.

Select Pivot Table

All attributes from Information view will be added to MS Excel. You can choose different attributes and measures to report as shown and you can choose different charts pke pie charts and bar charts from design option at the top.