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Managing Instance
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SAP HANA Cloud - Managing Instance

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需要管理SAP HANA数据库和数据湖的云层。 为了管理这一案例,向SAP STPcock坑和SAP HANA云层航行。

借助SAP HANA云层,你可以做以下工作:

    View all SAP HANA Cloud instances that you have access

    To find an instance using instance ID assigned

    To create SAP HANA Cloud instances

    To stop and start an instance

    To check the instance status

    To review all the alerts and notifications

    To check memory, compute, and storage consumption

    To make changes to an instance or deleting the instances

    To open HANA DB instance in SAP HANA cockpit and SAP HANA database explorer page

    To open Data Lake instance in Database Explorer page

• 管理SAP HANA 云场,与SAP BTP cockpit ——云层,选择SAP HANA云。

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