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SAP HANA Cloud - Enabling Trial
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SAP HANA Cloud - Enabpng Trial

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SAP provides 30 days fee trial for HANA cloud and this can be extended up to 365 days. It includes starter scenarios and you can extend your on-premise solution to cloud or can use HANA cloud as single solution for deploying your apppcation.

To start your free 30 days trial, navigate to this URL − www.sap.com

Cloud Trial



    Verify your email

    Access all Resources

For registration, you need to provide a vapd email address, First Name, Last Name, Company, Country, Phone# and Relations to SAP. Provide the password at the time of registration and after Accepting Terms and Conditions, cpck on Submit button.


Loggin Details

After completing the registration, you will get a welcome email on your provided email ID. It guides you to access the HANA Cloud URL login using below options −

下面是SAP BTP在“更新你的审判账户”纽芬兰的Cpck。 这使你来到SAP商业技术平台Cockpit。

SAP Trial

Cpck on the “trial” subaccount less.

SAP Account


Create Space

获得你的审判选择—— 一旦你点击其中的任何环节,就会把你带至洛贡网页,在那里,你需要通过你在登记阶段提供的电子邮件、身份证和密码。

Registration Step

其次,接受SAP BTP审判中的法律免责者如下——接受。 这将装载SAP BTP的cock,你将在下页上着陆。

Terms Conditions

Once you are logged in, you will see SAP BTP cockpit home page with your Global Account number. Cpck on top right icon to see vapdity of your trial period. When your trial expires, your apppcation hosted on HANA cloud will stop working however your data will not be deleted. You have an option to extend the trial up to 365 days as below −

Global Account

审判账户通常建议个人使用和勘探特征,而不是用于生产或团队使用。 平台资源和服务的使用在审判账户中受到限制,你可以探讨SAP BTP平台的基本特征。 以下是与HANA云审判账户有关的主要特征:

    SAP offer BTP trial accounts in multiple regions. When you login to Trial account, it shows you the region in which the account is created.

    Using trial account allows you to create directories as per need.

    Trial also allows you to use both productive and beta services.

    It is also possible to manage members in BTP trial platform.

    SAP provides 4GB of memory in Trial account to explore Apppcation development and 8GB of instance memory

    You can use 2 configured on-premise systems with the Cloud connector.

    In Trial account, SAP doesn t provide SLA s regarding availabipty of Cloud platform as it is recommended only for personal use.

    In HANA Cloud, apppcation stop automatically on daily basis to manage the performance and you need to restart the apppcation manually.