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Connect to HANA Cockpit
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SAP HANA Cloud - Connect to HANA Cockpit

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您可以使用SAP BTP的cock子与HANA Cockpit连接。 登录SAP BTP账户,点击子账户——审判和航向云集。

Cloud Foundry

Go to Spaces underumishengry —— —— selected Devspace.

DEV Space

页: 1 (You should have an existing HANA Database instance) and Point on Open Dash板 button icon under Actions and Point on accreditation to access to HANA Cockpit access.

Name Plan

这将开放SAP HANA服务BTP 跟踪仪表板,而且你还可以看到SAP HANA Cockpit选择和IDB公司注册站。

Service Dashboard

Cpck on Sem HANA Cockpit icon at the right Superior and provideuser name & Password to signin to HANA Cockpit ——OK.

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